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The Key, the Magical Star Talisman.

presented with love and peace and intended with purely benevolent outcomes for all concerned by: JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn
our products and service support and inspire the awakening, balancing and healing
of full life creativity and sexual aliveness with true spiritual love

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PLEASE CLICK THE IMAGE TO enjoy THE ADVENTURE of visiting our website that might help to add MORE DEPTH AND RICHNESS TO YOUR REALITY IN WAYS THAT YOU CONSCIOUSLY INTEND FOR your LIFE TO BE, for YOUR conscious DREAMS to COME TRUE...but first appreciate the healing of your brain this heart image is designed to inspire. Play the audio to hear heart chakra tuned crystal bowl tone while you enjoy this image.


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Fully Aligned Heart Centered  Sexual Aliveness

The true sacred power of your sexuality is knowing that it is sacred and spiritual. Your lovemaking with your lover generates a powerful healing energy that when you also in your life together focus and concentrate your mind together on your goals and dreams together you can consciously create your own reality. This is a form of miraculous magical living that is true freedom and that is absolutely wonderful. This is adds a new dimension to and includes Kama Sutra, Tantra, and Aikido and is the true potential of awakened sexuality with true spiritual consciousness. This is the gift of the Legendary Elprehzleinn Family to the world, and to lovers in this world. Love, Light, Laughter, Ease, Peace.


Conscious sexual lovemaking heals everything and the bliss it generates heals the unconscious. That is the thought-form at the basis of something I share and practice in various ways as a way of grounding the knowing together that we have about our spiritual beings into our human bodies and the lives they generate from now on.


Also for clearing and releasing that which is past. The extent to which our personal empowerment is enhanced through various skillful interactions through body touch and movement extends into how we are touched and sense each other with our spiritual beings. Whether we are body to body touching, or over any distance it is the experience of the interaction of spiritual being with body with the divine one being all together as a lifestyle. Literally experiencing and living the wonder of that together. For it is truly our spirits alive that feel and touch that is the ecstasy and the true power for living life beautifully together on this planet in this illusion world. The directing and applying of the consciousness of the effect of the sexually generated ecstasy on the body is an awareness of the practical applications of pure bliss for consciously generating reality, and all forms of personal wellness, and life achievement.


With Peace, Love, Joy, Happiness, Fun, and Pleasure,

JoreJj Z. Eprehzleinn